Live: Bonnie Nadzam Podcasts Lions

Set on the high plains of Colorado, a young couple find their love and – and everything they know to be true – threatened by the arrival of an unwelcome stranger. A story of awakening, Lions is an exquisite novel that explores ambition and the responsibilities we have to ourselves and each other.

Live: Elizabeth Church Podcasts The Atomic Weight of Love

Lawyer and debut author Elizabeth Church was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Her father, a research chemist, was drafted out of Carnegie Mellon University, and was sent to join other scientists working in secret on the Manhattan Project. Church’s mother, a biologist, eventually joined her husband in Los Alamos. Church discusses her sweeping, beautiful novel The Atomic Weight of Love, the story of many of the women who sacrificed their careers so that their husbands could pursue unique opportunities in scientific research.